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Pet insurance


Pet insurance in China is usually classified as a branch of property insurance, treating pets as one of the owner's assets. Home insurance, liability insurance, and medical insurance may all be involved.

Pet liability coverage is generally offered as an optional coverage under home insurance, similar to liability insurance. Its purpose is to compensate for losses caused by pets, rather than focusing on the pets themselves.

Pet medical insurance is similar to human medical insurance, with relatively lower coverage amounts but more restrictions. It is generally divided into comprehensive coverage and selective coverage. Some pet medical insurance products now offer direct payment services similar to high-end medical insurance, allowing pet owners to enjoy cashless services that save time and effort.

It is important to note that if you want to buy insurance for your dog, you will usually need a dog registration certificate as proof that the dog is a “lawful pet”. Some products may even require a health certificate. For pets other than cats and dogs, coverage depends on the specific product, and you can consult our professional insurance advisors for more information.

Occurrence scenarios

Home insurance, liability insurance, pet medical insurance, and similar policies.


Client A's pet dog, Little C, was covered by pet medical insurance after obtaining a dog license. After Little C became ill and went to a hospital listed in the policy, the insurance company reimbursed a percentage of the expenses incurred by client A based on the coverage specified in the insurance contract.

key points

As pet insurance is still a relatively new type of insurance, and the claims payout rate is difficult to predict, insurance products usually have many restrictions, such as limits on the amount of compensation for a single visit and age limits for renewal. Be sure to carefully read the insurance contract.

If you would like to learn more, please feel free to consult with our insurance advisors.

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