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High-end medical insurance


The predecessor of high-end medical insurance was International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI). It is usually a short-term medical insurance policy with a coverage period of one year. It has many unique features such as high coverage limits, coverage in multiple countries, coverage of a wide range of medical procedures, a broad medical network, and direct payment for medical expenses. It meets the medical needs of middle-class and high-end individuals.

"Privilege" is one of the highlights of high-end medical insurance. Green channels for outpatient and hospitalization services, on-site representatives to assist with hospitalization, and other services are common services for high-end medical insurance.

The basic coverage in high-end medical insurance is usually hospitalization benefits, but there are also many optional benefits such as outpatient, dental, ophthalmology, physical examinations, and vaccines. There are fewer restrictions on medical treatment under high-end medical insurance. Depending on the insurance coverage, it can include special departments/international departments of public hospitals, private hospitals, and usually covers self-paid medicines and physical therapy (often with a limit on the number of times). When visiting hospitals within the medical network, direct payment services without cash are available, eliminating the hassle of paying first and claiming reimbursement later.

The geographic coverage can also be self-selected, with common coverage areas including China/Greater China/global (excluding the United States and Canada)/global.

With the continuous development of the market, many high-end medical insurance policies now come with practical value-added services, such as online consultation.

key points

In addition to the need to fill out a health declaration and understand the exclusion clause/exemption of liability, high-end medical insurance may have requirements for the place of residence, such as requiring the insured to reside in China for more than 180 days during the entire insurance year.

High-end medical insurance often has a certain waiting period, and the waiting period for different benefits varies. The waiting period for maternity benefits is often longer, up to six months or more. Some products require continuous purchase for two years, and the compensation ratio is not applicable for pregnancy costs within six months, reimbursing 40% from 6 months to 1 year, and 100% reimbursement after 1 year.

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