2024-6-21 Pacific Prime

Dear LFS Community

I trust you are all well.

I’m sure you are all looking forward to the upcoming Summer break! In order to ensure you are fully equipped for any medical treatment which may take place while you are away, we wanted to send you some updates on a few points regarding your insurance and what access you have for treatment.

Hospitalization & Pre-authorization

Contact Pacific Prime (lfs@pacificprime.com) or MSH directly (lfs@mshasia.com) ahead of your visit to arrange a Guarantee of Payment (GOP) where possible

● In the event of an emergency, a medical professional should be consulted within 24h and insurer should be notified within 48h after the onset of the condition/incident.

 → For any emergency cases, call 24/7 MSH hotline at 400 613 0330 (toll free in China) or +86 21 6187 0330 (overseas)

● You will need to complete a pre-authorization request and supply all the relevant medical documentation MSH will process this as quickly as possible, but please note that this can take up to three business days.

Treatment Inside China

For those remaining in China, you can continue going to your usual facilities as normal for regular treatments. Direct billing facilities can be searched through your MSH Service APP. 

Treatment Outside China

MSH has direct billing relationships globally, however the network facilities abroad might work a bit different than what you are used to in China where you only need to present your membership card at the counter.

Greater China: appointment is always suggested to enjoy outpatient direct billing within network facility but simple card presentation might be enough

Asia: appointment is necessary to enjoy outpatient direct billing within network facility      (list and contact available through MSH Service APP or call MSH directly for assistance)

Other countries & areas: contact MSH for pre-authorization for inpatient treatments & day-case treatments. Other treatments are on Pay & Claims basis even within network.

There may be also some cases where the doctor/facility you go is not a direct billing partner of MSH. As long as it is a registered medical facility, then you will just need to pay upfront & submit a scanned copy of the claim form, receipt, itemized billing and medical reports thereafter via email to lfs@pacificprime.com or upload directly through the MSH Service App. 

Restricted Providers

Restricted Providers are medical providers where all treatments are excluded under this policy. The full list of restricted providers is available in your Table of Benefit notes (page 33).

You will need to cover 100% of the cost from your own pocket if you visit the following providers:

● Yosemite Hospital & Clinic

● Spine Care Medical Group

● Health Sage Medical Group

● Mingjingtang TCM Medical Group

Benefit reminders

● Wellness examinations: covered up to an annual limit of RMB 1,600 + 1 elective covid test up to RMB 200.

● Dental treatment: covered up to an annual limit of RMB 8,000 with different levels of copay and restrictions that apply based on the nature of the treatment.

● Treatment in USA: emergency treatment outside area of coverage is available (refer to table of benefits)

● Online consultations: Available through China medical provider with Internet Hospital License. (specific appointment procedure)

Online mental health consultations outside hospitals approved by the above guarantee are not covered. However, an exception may be made if the appropriate doctor is not available locally and subject to prior pre-authorization.

● Claims submission: need to be done within 180 days after the date of service otherwise claims might be rejected.

MSH Service APP

 Available services:

- Download Virtual Insurance Card (E-Card)

Search for MSH Network facilities

Book an appointment

Online claim submission and claims history search

Apply to Pre-Authorization

Etc. (more info refer to LFS Service Manual and Mobile APP Instruction)


 Kindly scan below QR code for downloading the MSH SERVICE app. Please do not just search app store by downloading MSH International app which is not the right one. Many clients cannot log in due to this reason.

Username: Member# (e.g., LFS2020-xxxxx)

Password: MMDDYYYY (DOB of primary insured, e.g., 01012021) 

 Get in touch with Pacific Prime (lfs@pacificprime.com) if you are not able to log on so we can assist

Should you have any questions or need any information on the above, please you can just contact our dedicated PP service team at lfs@pacificprime.com

Wishing you an enjoyable Summer break!