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Savings insurance


Savings insurance refers to insurance that includes savings functions in addition to basic insurance coverage. After reaching the agreed-upon time, the insurance company can return the money to the policyholder. Generally speaking, the characteristics of savings insurance lean more towards "savings" rather than "insurance", and compared to conventional protection-based insurance products, its insurance coverage and coverage limits may be slightly weaker.

There are many types of savings insurance products, such as increasing whole life insurance and annuity insurance, which are characterized by clear returns, usually with the annual interest rate or return specified in the insurance contract. The form of payment is mostly fixed-frequency payments by the customer. After a predetermined period of time, the insurance company can periodically pay out the funds or the customer can withdraw the funds by partial surrender according to the contract.

Some products also come with a universal account, which allows for deposits and withdrawals at any time. Customers can choose to deposit the funds they receive into the universal account to increase their secondary income.

Occurrence scenarios

Annuity insurance, increasing term life insurance, and similar policies.


Client A purchased an increasing term life insurance policy and paid a total of RMB ¥500,000, which was paid off in 5 years. According to the insurance contract, the cash value of the policy increases every year, and client A can withdraw funds by surrendering the policy using a portion of the cash value. Starting from the 7th year, the cash value of the policy began to exceed the cumulative premiums paid, and by the 27th year, the cash value had doubled.

key points

Savings insurance has a long process of investment and waiting for returns, which requires a certain level of patience and stable financial planning. If there may be large expenses in the short term, it is advisable to choose carefully.

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