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As the name suggests, a rider refers to an additional contract attached to the main insurance contract, usually used to complement the coverage of the main insurance policy. Generally, riders cannot be purchased separately, although some rider products can be purchased as standalone policies depending on the situation. When the main insurance policy is terminated or suspended for various reasons, the rider is also usually terminated or is suspended.

Occurrence scenarios

Many types of insurance policies can have riders, and some insurance companies offer "main policy + riders" as insurance product packages to facilitate policyholders' selection.


Client A purchased a critical illness insurance policy with an attached accident medical insurance policy. Unfortunately, the client was diagnosed with a critical illness. According to the insurance contract, after receiving the claim for the critical illness insurance, the insurance contract automatically terminated, and the attached policy also terminated at the same time.

key points

Although riders may give people a feeling of being "incidental", "secondary" or "unimportant", as an insurance product, it is still necessary to carefully read the insurance terms and fully understand the coverage and benefits when applying for insurance. If you wish to cancel a rider, you also need to inform the insurance company officially to avoid affecting the premium deduction.

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