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Medical Insurance

Choosing the right medical insurance for you


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Commercial Medical Insurance Plans

In the event that you need healthcare treatment in China or overseas, the last thing you want to worry about is your medical bills. With a commercial medical insurance  plan from Pacific Prime, you can rest assured that you have access to quality hospitals and clinics both in China and worldwide. This means you'll be able to focus entirely on getting better without worrying about restrictive healthcare provider networks, or sky high medical bills.

Local Insurance from an International Insurance Agent

We supply locally sourced medical insurance plans for expats in China, as well as plans that include international coverage for when you are abroad. With our office in Shanghai,ShenZhen,Beijing,etc., you can be sure that you will have people near you that will be available assist you with all insurance and claims matters.

Fully Compliant in China

China has increasingly high standards for its insurance providers, and Pacific Prime is fully registered and compliant with national insurance standards.

Direct Billing

With policies through Pacific Prime, you may be eligible to use direct billing which removes the need to pay up front before or immediately after you receive medical treatment.

Guaranteed renewable

Your medical costs can be covered by the insurer for your whole life. Your premiums will typically change as your age increases but will only rise with the average. Regardless of how many claims or large claims being made in the previous year your premium will stay the same.


We can also include a deductible (excess) to keep your premiums low. If you return to your home country or relocate to another country you can normally take your plan with you and the coverage will stay the same.

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