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Inpatient benefits

Inpatient benefits

By definition, inpatient is any treatment where a minimum of one night's stay is needed in a hospital or any other medical institution.

Usually, inpatient related medical treatments are probably more costly than any other treatments. It is advisable to have inpatient hospital medical insurance coverage to safeguard against the costly medical fees in the region.

Inpatient benefit coverage

Items included for coverage under an inpatient medical insurance benefit will differ between insurance providers that you obtained your policy from. In general, the majority of policies will provide for coverage for expenses related to medical treatments that involve a one night stay or more at a medical facility. Some inpatient insurance benefits may even cover outpatient treatments that you may require. We recommend that you refer to your policy to ensure this is covered under the inpatient section prior to treatment.

Typically benefits that could be included in inpatient health coverage comprise of the following:

  • Semi Private or Private Hospital Room during Surgery
  • Intensive Care Rooms
  • Medicines given during hospitalization (inpatient Medicine)
  • Surgical, Anaesthetic, Operating room fees,
  • Ambulance Transport expenses
  • Diagnostic Tests e.g.X-Rays, CAT & PET scans, plus Laboratory Tests
  • Surgical Appliances and Prosthetic Devices expenses
  • Organ Transplants
  • ......

It is important to note that the above list of inpatient benefits are typically present on a medical insurance policy, but the degree of protection offered by each item may differ depending on your insurance provider.

National health insurance has a number of limitations on reimbursement, hospitals, and anuual quota. That's why acquiring inpatient coverage is a great way to protect yourself from expensive medical fees associated with hospital treatments. It will save you time as well.

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