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Emergency Evacuation

Learn about emergency evacuation coverage in health insurance plans.

If your job requires you to go on regular overseas assignments you may want to to consider purchasing a health insurance plan that will protect on a global scale. Therefore, it can afford you coverage in any location in the world, so you can have peace of mind that you will always be covered for those critical moments in your life. However, good medical care is not always the case around the world.

Emergency Evacuation Coverage

In the unfortunate event that you get into an accident or become seriously ill in a country with limited medical resources to treat your condition, having a health insurance plan an emergency evacuation benefit under will help cover emergency transport.

With emergency evacuation coverage you can rest assured that you will be taken to a better medical facility if the local hospital near you is unable to provide proper medical care you require. With worldwide coverage, you may be evacuated to a health facility abroad or within the country where are you are currently located, ensuring that you obtain the medical treatment specific to your medical emergency issue.

Your emergency evacuation benefit is only applicable to a medical condition that your doctor approved as an emergency condition requiring immediate evacuation. The coverage is pending approval by your insurance provider. Therefore, coverage on emergency evacuations requested by the policyholder personally will not be accepted under the benefit.

Given the average international cost of a single emergency air ambulance trip to the nearest hospital is around US$50,000, it reinforces the necessity of having emergency coverage, particularly if you are anticipating travelling overseas to countries with below average medical care.

Click here for a free quote on Emergency Evacuation benefits under Medical Insurance plan. Our professional insurance advisers can also be reached by contacting us if you would like further information on Emergency Evacuation not covered on this page.

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