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Group life & short/long-term disability insurance

Even though life and disability insurance may not be used as much, it is important in case the worst happens.

Group life insurance

Offering the right group life insurance ensures that no matter what happens to your employees, they will have a safety net. Help provide financial security for your employees and their loved ones with comprehensive group life insurance.

Our group life insurance plans feature a vast array of options and add-ons to include coverage for accidental death and dismemberment, as well as critical illness and disabilities.

This allows you to create more suitable group life coverage combination that takes into account your company's budget and employees' needs.

Short- and long-term disability insurance

As an important component of employee benefits package, disability insurance offers employees protection in the event that he/she is unable to go to work due to a serious illness or injury.

There are two main types of disability insurance:

  1. Short-term disability insurance addresses a short disruption in the employee's ability to work.
  2. Long-term disability insurance is designed to pay out for a longer period in situations where employees suffer an illness/injury requiring

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