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Tailored group insurance solutions for your organization

Pacific Prime strives to help businesses and organizations find, secure, and manage comprehensive employee benefits and corporate insurance solutions.

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Pacific Prime is a key strategic location for the global development of Pacific Prime Group. As an experienced insurance intermediary, Pacific Prime aids our clients with impartial advice, a dedicated support team, and in-house technology. We have global operations across multiple continents, and are confident that we can meet your insurance needs, regardless of your organization's size and industry.

Where do I find the proper business insurance plans?

A fitting business insurance plan can be hard to come by for startups and SMEs. This is because comprehensive plans are catered to large conglomerates, leaving startups and SMEs with subpar plans that are not worth the investment.

Big businesses, on the other hand, face the opposite problem. With so many packages available on the market, making the decision to invest in the right plan for your business can be difficult. Business insurance plans require rigorous benchmarking to ensure a return on investment. Without a team of experienced advisors who specialize in company insurance, this policy benchmarking can be timely, costly, and inaccurate.

Pacific Prime could help you find an insurance solution that addresses your needs depending on the size of your business. 

What are the main types of company insurance solutions?

Employee Benefits Insurance

Employee Benefits Insurance

We offer bespoke employee benefits and insurance plans that can meet your company's unique coverage needs, while also aligning with the market trends.

Corporate Property & Casualty Insurance

Corporate Property & Casualty Insurance

Protect your properties and guard against cyber crimes, potential legal liabilities, and more.

Benefits Administration Portal

Benefits Administration Portal

The Prime Care Portal, our in-house portal system, streamlines the entire benefits administration process for group policies.

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