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All You Need to Know About Chinese New “Five-star” Card

Chinaese new Five Star Card offers various benefits to eligible foreigners and their families.

New “Five-star” Card

Take your first step to the journey of a thousand miles as China’s updated version of the permanent resident card Five-star Card will be open for application on December 1, 2023. The card grants benefits in different aspects, including financial activities, to qualified foreigners and their family.

Residents living in China are waiting at bus stops

If you’re an expat living in China, the thought of making this beautiful country your forever home might have crossed your mind once or twice. If you’ve also been waiting for new information to be released regarding this year’s residence permit, Pacific Prime has good news to share with you.

What Is the Five-star Card?

China’s Five-star Card is an upgraded version of the country’s foreign permanent resident identification (ID) card that will be in effect from December 1, 2023. The new card comprises design improvements, technological upgrades, and improved functionality without invalidating the Chinese Green Card.

Like other countries, China offers permanent resident status to foreigners who have made contributions to the country, and the status comes with an ID card. The country has been issuing the Chinese Green Card since 2004, but starting from December 2023, the Five-star Card will be in effect instead.

Difference Between Five-star Card & Chinese Green Card

As the Chinese Green Card was introduced almost two decades ago, the newer version of the card comes with technological improvements the older card doesn’t have. Apart from changes in the name and design, it also grants its holder the ability to manage their affairs online without security concerns.

Most countries name their permanent resident cards based on the cards’ designs and prominent characteristics. Canada, for instance, calls an older version of their permanent resident card the “Maple Leaf Card” because of the iconic maple leaf symbol on it, while the United States calls theirs “Green Card.”

Chinese permanent resident ID card gets its new name: the “Five-star Card.”

Adorned with five stars on the national emblem of China, the country’s permanent resident ID card gets its new name: the “Five-star Card.” Adjusting the elements on the Chinese Green Card, the Five-star Card now showcases Chinese decorations and a beautiful drawing of the Great Wall of China.

According to the National Immigration Administration, the way this card digitizes the immigration management services indicates the Red Dragon’s dedication to foster international collaboration to attract talents worldwide. 

Utilizing advanced technologies, the current Five-star Card offers:

Anti-counterfeiting technology that ensures the safety of your information

Enhanced information storage and application management services that let you manage your personal affairs more efficiently

Access to online transaction services that allow for convenient use of the country’s transportation, shopping, and financial services

What Will I Get from Holding the Five-star Card?

Holders of the Five-Star Card can freely travel to China and reside in the country for as long as they’d like. The card will also grant its holders convenience in employment, children’s education, social security, transportation, property purchase, and many benefits while living in China.

As stated in the Measures on the Relevant Benefits for Foreigners with Permanent Residence Permit in China, foreigners with Chinese permanent residency are entitled to the following benefits:

Measures on the Relevant Benefits for Foreigners with Permanent Residence Permit in ChinaMeasures on the Relevant Benefits for Foreigners with Permanent Residence Permit in ChinaMeasures on the Relevant Benefits for Foreigners with Permanent Residence Permit in China

How Can I Apply for the Five-star Card?

If you’re qualified to apply for the Five-star Card, the next thing you might want to do is to prepare relevant documents, including your passport, health certificate, and non-criminal record, and countdown for the announcement of your application result.

Writing application materials

Apart from additional documents the authorities may ask you to prepare, the documents needed for your permanent residence application are:

Complete Application Form for Permanent Residence in China

Valid passport and valid visa or resident permit

A health certificate issued by a domestic inspection within the last six months

Non-criminal record abroad and in China

Company letters, licenses, and tax payment certificates (when applying through employment)

Proof of relationship, such as marriage certificate, birth certificate, or proof of kinship, and evidence of stable housing and income (when accompanying a family member)

Previous private passport and overseas permanent resident certificate (if the applicant was once of Chinese nationality)

A business license, capital verification report, an audit report for the last three consecutive years (when applying as a foreign investor)

You should submit the above documents along with the ones required by the region you’re applying for its permanent residency. Your application will be processed within 90 working days. However, if the Public Security Bureau requires further investigation, the processing time may be extended.

What Else Should I Consider Before Moving to China?

While the Five-star Card offers qualified foreigners and their family members permanent resident status that comes with convenient access to healthcare and other accommodation within China, foreigners can stay even more protected with the right health insurance plan.

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