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About us

About us

Founded in 2000, the Pacific Prime Group has grown to be one of the rapid development insurance intermediaries with 12+ branches worldwide, serving 1,500,000+ individual clients and 5,000+ corprate clients in over 180 countries and regions. Focusing on the individual health insurance and employee benefit sector, Pacific Prime Group aims to be impartial when providing consultation services. In China, Pacific Prime is strategically headquartered in Shanghai and has offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. 

Our Global Operations

Have your insurance needs met at any of our strategically-located offices around the world.

What Can Pacific Prime do for you?

Here are several ways we can support your journey to a healthier you:

Professional Knowledge

Having been in the industry for over 20 years, we know the ins and outs of the available medical plans.

Free Insurance Advice and Planning

Free and impartial advice is just a phone call or several clicks away.

Wide Range of Insurance Solutions

Choose from individual health insurance and corporate insurance to maternity insurance. We cater to your different needs.

International Insurers

We have strong partnerships with international insurers, including AXA, Bupa, and Cigna, from which we have won a number of awards over the years.

Local Insurers

We work with reliable locally compliant health insurance companies throughout the world.

Dedicated Support

As a part of our value-added services, our team of insurance experts can assist you throughout your insurance journey - from claims filing to renewal support and more.

Our story

Neil Raymond

Pacific Prime's story begins in 2000 with Neil Raymond, who at the time saw an opportunity to simplify the process of insurance by helping clients understand and compare the different options in the market.

Unbeknown to him, what began as an idea to simplify insurance in Hong Kong, has developed into a global intermediary firm that has positively impacted the world of insurance and the worldwide community of individual and corporate clients.

Click here to check out our interactive timeline and learn about Pacific Prime’s successes and milestones over the last 20 plus years.

Customer service


Compare plans from numerous prestigious insurers in China at once
Free consultation and quotation
Our award winning service simplifies your insurance and makes claims easy
Our staff speak over 27 different languages
Over 10 years of experience offering insurance in China

Here is a comment from our client…

I choose Pacific Prime by accident. But, I will probably stay with them for the rest of my life, and I certainly recommend them to anyone who is considering purchasing the medical insurance plan. 

They are professional, knowledgeable, and more importantly, they have empathy on their customer, not any specific individual, but the entire team, from top to down. 

My 4 years old son was diagnosed to have malignancy.  I don’t have to describe how miserable my life all of sudden became. The lucky part is, Pacific Prime shared my pain, and they played a critical role in communication with insurer, simplified the claim process, assigned a designated customer service person and successfully applied for some additional medical benefits for me after explaining some challenges we are facing. 

All they have done allowed me to focus on my boy’s medical treatment and family situation. ‘THANK YOU’ is not sufficient to express my appreciation to Pacific Prime, and as a customer, I know this is the service and team that you would like to have.

—— Spring Zhou

…there's more!

Service, manner and advice was some of the best that I have received since I have lived overseas. If I find myself in needing medical insurance in the future I will not hesitate in contacting you.

Very helpful in helping me sort out exactly what health plan I was looking for, and certainly played a big part in me signing up with the insurer!

I liked the speed, the detailed yet concise information about the insurance plan that was recommended for my family and of course the price.

...invaluable help and information about the various policeis availble to me. Overall excellent customer service!

...excellent in supporting me from the time of the application to renewal

Very flexible, knowledgeable, fast, polite, happy to discuss over the phone and regularly doing the follow up.

...really prompt with responding to all my queries

I wasn't sure which insurance to go for and they really helped me.

Social responsibility

Pacific Prime believes in giving back to the community. We do this through partnerships with carefully chosen charities and a diverse scholarship program. 

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